SyLMAND offers the following offline equipment to users. Staff offer to training on most pieces of equipment to facilitate independent use. More specialized tasks or equipment require assistance from SyLMAND staff.


UV Exposure Systems

Heidelberg Instruments DWL66 Laser Writer

  • laser wavelength: 355 nm
  • write heads: 4 mm and 10 mm working distance (high and low resolution, respectively)

Oriel UV Flood Exposure System

  • Hg Arc lamp
  • timed exposures from 1 s to several hours

OmniCure Series 1000 UV Light Source

  • Hg arc lamp (365 nm maximum output, UV-A / i-line)
  • equipped with fiber optic light guide for highly configurable expose of UV-active glues

Material Deposition

Kurt J. Lesker PVD 75 Sputtering System

  • DC sputtering for conductive materials, RF sputtering for non-conductive materials
  • ~ 10 nm to several μm
  • 2 x 3" targets
  • Au, Cr, Ti, aluminum oxide
  • Typical vacuum pressure = 5E-6 Torr, sputtering pressure = 5 mTorr (argon)
  • Power sources: 300 W RF (13.56 MHz), 1.5 kW DC
  • Heating to 300 °C

Nickel Electroplating Bath

  • 34 L bath at 45 °C, pH 3.75
  • Nickel electroplating at DC with Ni s-pellet anode

Gold Electroplating Bath

  • 1 US gallon bath at 50 °C, pH 9.5
  • Gold electroplating at 600 Hz (25% duty cycle) with Pt-coated mesh anode

Solitec Model 5110 Spin Coater

  • up to 6" wafer
  • progammable with up to 5 steps, 0 to 6000 rpm
  • typically used for solution-based photoresists

Royal Sovereign Laminator

  • temperature-controlled rollers. Programmable.
  • typically used for dry film photoresist

Other Cleanroom Equipment

Torr Reactive Ion Etcher

  • currently out of commission

Vacuum Ovens

  • Binder FED 115 Vacuum oven - vacuum capability available, oven function not available. Programmable.
  • Across International Vacuum Drying oven - fully functional

Hot Plates

  • Cee 1300 - up to 300 °C, programmable, nitrogen purged
  • Torrey Pines HP61 - up to 400 °C, programmable

Custom-Built Pneumatic Press

  • used for bonding solid PMMA films to substrates for x-ray lithography

Millipore Water System

  • ultrapure water for cleaning, solutions

Fumehoods (2)

  • equipped for wet chemistry and etching processes

Materials Preparation

Allied High Tech Metprep 3 Grinder / Polisher

  • programmable with many options for polishing and metallography

Leica SP2600/SM2500 Diamond Point Flycutter

  •  used for flycutting solid resists to the desired thickness (100 μm to 2.5 mm). Can be done before or after bonding to a substrate



  • Backscattered electron detector, secondary electron detector, and variable pressure secondary electron detector.

Zygo Nexview Optical Profiler

  • 1x and 5x Michelson objectives, 20x and 50x Mirau objectives
  • Field-of-view ranges from 16.81 x 16.81 mm2 to 80 x 80 μm2
  • Model-based analysis and thin film packages allow imaging of thin film and substrate topography simulataneously

Zeiss Axiotron Inspection Microscopes

  • high quality inspection microscopes with linear encoders for postion measurements and imaging software

Zeiss Stereo Microscope

  • low magnification microscope used for sidewall inspection

Heidenhain Z-Tip

  • contact-based metrology using stylus