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Beamline Staff

Garth Wells
Scientist-Beamline Responsible
Office Location: 2076
Tel.  306 657 3736
Fax.  306-657-3535

Tyler Morhart
Associate Scientist
Office Location: 2076
Tel.  306 657 3642
Fax.  306-657-3535

Accessing SyLMAND

SyLMAND is housed at CLS, Canada’s only synchrotron facility. Prospective users are invited to contact SyLMAND staff to determine if their project is suitable.

Users wishing to pursue a project should submit a general user proposal. Calls for Proposals occur every six months. Rapid access proposals can be submitted at any time during a cycle with the understanding that a general user proposal will be submitted at the next call. Proposals which are accepted are valid for two years.

SyLMAND staff provide user support and training on most cleanroom processes with specialized processes being completed by staff.

SyLMAND Phone Numbers

 Beamline: 306-657-XXXX

Resist Processing Lab: 306-657-XXXX

Metrology Lab: 306-657-XXXX

Local Emergency Contacts

Floor Coordinator - 306-657-3639

Control Room - 306-657-3570

Emergency - 9-911

University of Saskatchewan Protective Services - 9-306-966-5555